Fall-winter trends 2022/2023

Trendy jesień-zima 2022/2023

As every year at this time, I publish a list of catwalk trends for the upcoming fall-winter 2022/23 season. Enjoy reading.

Fall-winter 2022/23 trends in brief

There are many ideas on how a modern woman should dress. I was a bit surprised by the lack of timeless patterns in interesting color combinations. There are no animal motifs or flowers in autumn colors. The scrolling patterns are usually small; there are some stripes, geometric patterns, "cuts", pop art and references to crochet patterns from grandma's quilts. And of course there is the grate. When it comes to silhouette, oversized clothes that conceal the figure will be fashionable. Significantly oversized jackets, wide-legged trousers with a low waist revealing the belly, voluminous and long coats, capes and capes. On the other hand, we have fitted jackets, mini skirts revealing legs and corset tops. I ran out of suggestions that would maintain the balance between what can be shown and what is worth covering. Surprisingly, there were a lot of sets using leather, as well as timeless tweed and comfortable knitwear. I invite you to review.

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