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Hurtownia Odzieży Damskiej
Badu started preparations for the Autumn/Winter 2023/24 season in the Polish city of Łódź, where photo sessions for the collection took place. The sessions were led by photographer Natalia Goszewska,
the models were Ewa Stankiewicz and Nina Es. Funny and joyful sessions were carried out in various places of Off Piotrkowska. Badu welcomes the new season with energy, style and comfortable products.
This season is full of ambition to offer Badu customers comfort combined with extraordinary trends. High-quality materials and original details have become Badu's signature.
The sessions for Badu were done perfectly reflecting the spirit and style of the collection. Natalia Goszewska's photography skills captured the atmosphere of the places and the beauty of the models. The professional approach of Ewa Stankiewicz and Nina Es and their impressive style complement Badu's vision.
This season, Badu has created the perfect balance between comfort and elegance in its collection. Fashion lovers will be able to follow trends while having comfortable and practical pieces. Badu products are distinguished by high-quality fabrics and carefully designed cuts. Combined with the season's leading colors and patterns, these pieces appeal to a variety of styles and tastes.
Badu is preparing to offer customers a diverse and original style that responds to trends and the pulse of the fashion world. We can't wait for the release of new Badu products and we know that fashion lovers are also eagerly awaiting this collection!

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Szanowni Klienci, rozpoczęliśmy produkcję swetrów na sezon jesień/zima 2023/24. Prosimy o kontakt w celu złożenia zamówienia.
Badu.com.pl Hurtownia Damskie Ubrania: Szybka Dostawa i Bogaty Wybór Produktów, Aby Nadążyć za Trendami!

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