The largest online wholesaler of women's clothing from Turkey

Największa hurtownia online odzieży damskiej z Turcji

If you are looking for a wholesaler that will quickly and efficiently supply you with a range of very high-quality women's clothing throughout the country and Europe, you are in the right place!

Supplying a women's clothing boutique doesn't have to be difficult. Our wholesaler offers a wide selection of women's clothing in the most fashionable styles and colors. Spring, summer, autumn, winter - always for every season and changing weather.

BADU is a company that has been producing fashionable and comfortable women's clothes for 10 years. When you buy from us, you avoid intermediaries and buy directly from the manufacturer, i.e. from us! This is very important if you want to buy wholesale at a good price. You then have even more scope to set your own prices in your business.

Check out the offer on our badu wholesale We supply boutiques, online stores, stationary stores, and general clothing stores both in Poland and abroad. Our offer is addressed to both owners of small, locally operating stores and people running clothing boutiques with an established position on the market.

We also carry out special production to order for existing brands for their own needs.

You will find here the most top models in bold neon colors and bold cuts for women looking for fashion novelties, as well as classic, timeless clothing styles in a subdued, pastel color palette.
Our clothing company always puts customer satisfaction first, which is why we pay great attention to the quality of workmanship and the materials used in production. This translates into comfort of use and long life of the clothes. High standard of workmanship and the best quality materials mean a satisfied and always returning customer.

A customer who finds stylish clothes on offer that follow fashion and emphasize femininity, and are also pleasant to wear, is a customer who will definitely want to systematically replenish her wardrobe with clothes from your store!

Thanks to the rich offer of our wholesaler, each of your clients can feel beautiful and stylish, and the wide range of styles will ensure that each of them will find something for themselves.

In a nutshell, our company offers you:

- Clothing of the highest quality from the manufacturer
- Excellent quality women's clothes at reasonable prices
- Wide range of products
- Various models, styles, cuts of clothes
- Various colors, sharp, neon, seasonal colors, as well as pastel, calm and classic colors that will always be fashionable
- Wholesale online clothing shopping without leaving home
- Hassle-free shopping via the Internet, even if you are outside Poland
- Express shipping by courier immediately after placing the order
- Additionally, the possibility of personal access to the warehouse at any time and selecting goods on site is an additional advantage of our company.
- Efficient communication
- Reliable service that will always give advice or answer any questions

Wholesale women's clothing - What do we offer?

blouses with short and long sleeves,
blouses with ¾ sleeves,
slip tops,
sweater sets,
trousers and shorts,

Such a large selection of different categories allows our customers to complete the full range of the store in one place - quickly, cheaply and on favorable terms. The possibility of supplying a clothing store in one wholesaler will significantly reduce costs and contribute to the possibility of offering good quality to the end customer at an even better price. In turn, dear wholesaler, you no longer have to waste unnecessary time searching for and comparing offers for your store, because you now have everything in one place.

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