Winter capsule wardrobe

Zimowa szafa kapsułowa

I have a short, 5-day vacation ahead of me. The whole family is going to a hotel surrounded by a forest near Bełchatów. Our main goal is to relax, the hotel has an extensive SPA complex with a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, and right next to it is an ideal base for walks along the Widawka River. Mount Kamieńsk with a ski slope is also nearby. Our older son learned to ski this year and really wants to continue this adventure, so we are happy that he will have this opportunity. My dream for years has been to learn skiing, so maybe I will take a few lessons there. As a young girl, I mainly trained competitive martial arts, so there was no time for recreational trips to the mountains with my parents, which is why I didn't learn skiing, but now I would like to make up for it.

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