She wears a spring dress with it. Just like Magda Mołek, you will like this combination

Z tym nosi wiosenną sukienkę. Tak jak Magda Mołek polubisz to połączenie

If you want a dress, only with high heels, and boots only for winter? Such rules have long ceased to apply in fashion, which you can see for yourself by looking at the current styles of Polish stars. Magda Mołek recently opted for an unusual look with a dress, which will be worn by all fashionable women in spring.

There are… countless ideas for wearing dresses. By diving into the depths of Instagram, you can find some truly unusual combinations. However, when we think that we have seen everything, then Magda Mołek comes in all in white - or with a hint of lime - and shows us that she can still surprise us. The journalist created a set that at first arouses surprise, and after a while ignites the imagination and the desire to recreate this look. In spring we will all wear this way.

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