Badu Polska Fashion Show | Poland Miss 2023 Special Show!

Pokaz Mody Badu Polska | Polska Miss 2023 Specjalny Pokaz!

🌟 Poland Miss Badu Polska 2023 election!

Today we invite you to watch a photo report from an unforgettable experience that took place last weekend. As the Badu Polska brand, we had the honor of being one of the sponsors of one of the most prestigious beauty contests in Poland - "Polska Miss 2023".

👗 Elegance in the Badu Polska edition at the Polska Miss 2023 Show

On this special day, the most stylish and unusual women's clothes from our brand appeared on stage. Selected participants of the Polska Miss competition delighted the audience wearing outfits designed by Badu Polska. These moments where color, pattern and finesse meet will allow you to see how beauty and style perfectly combine into one harmony.

💖 Miss Badu Polska: The Moment When Justyna Haberka Receives the Crown

It is with great pride and joy that we announce that Justyna Haberka has won the title of "Miss Badu" - a representative of the beauty and elegance of the Badu Polska brand. Moreover, in this special evening, Justyna Haberka won the most important title of the evening - "Miss Poland 2023".

🙏 Thanks to Badu Polska Wholesale Women's Clothing!

Justyna Haberka expressed her thanks to the director of the Badu Polska brand, Uğur Deniz Öğretmen, for the support provided during the competition. This unique collaboration brought people together, creating an unforgettable atmosphere on this day.

🎥 Here are the frames from the Poland Miss 2023 Competition

We encourage you to watch this unique event and discover the world of the Badu Polska brand! Remember that style is not only about clothes, but also about lifestyle.
By following our brand you will add elegance to your style!

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Marka Badu znalazła się w gronie czołowych wspieraczy konkursu Polska Miss 2023.

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